If you should die without making a Will there is no guarantee that your assets will pass to those whom you wish to receive them. It is important therefore that you make a Will so that you can ensure that your assets pass exactly in accordance with your wishes. It is particularly important to make a Will if you own property or other assets or if you have children from a current or previous relationship.

By making a Will you can decide whom to appoint as guardian of any of your children under 18 and ensure, for example, that a relative or a partner is able to continue living in your property upon your death. Unless you have made a Will which sets out exactly your wishes upon your death there is potential for conflict among relatives or partners you leave behind at a time when emotions are high, when they may find it difficult to cope.

By instructing a solicitor to prepare a Will on your behalf, it may also be possible to reduce any Inheritance Tax on your estate which may be payable.

Bailey & Cogger offers a fixed fee for basic straightforward Wills.

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